ProBundle: Your Shortcut to Digital Success

Emails, ad copy, newsletters, social media content, website content, blog posts, guest posts, etc...

Is it a waste of time?

No. But most entrepreneurs are better off spending their time on their core product or service.

That is why we have created ProBundle. Our products help you:

  • Save time and money
  • Appear more professional
  • Get more clients and engagement
  • Make more sales

We produce digital products for many different professions in various languages.

  • Save time and Money + Appear More Professional

    All our digital products are pre-made, "done-for-you" resources like emails, newsletters, website content, social media templates, etc. They can save you both time and money while enhancing your professional image, since they're designed by experts.

  • Get More Clients + More Engagement

    Using our professionally created products will help you to attract and engage more clients. Engaged clients tend to buy more and stay more loyal. Increasing the number of clients and strengthening customer loyalty are key components to building a succesfull business.

  • Make More Sales

    Since sales and cashflow is the oxygen of every business, we are specialized in developing products that can boost the sales in your business. Use our products out-of-the-box to drive up sales and see your business flourish much faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Vanessa

    Vanessa is our head of content production. She is highly skilled in content production and has extensive experience in copywriting, ghost writing, ad copy, etc.

  • Lars

    Lars is the editor-in-chief who has the final say in everything we publish along with the overall responsibility for all our digital products. He has a background in book publishing.

  • Gérard

    Gérard is our lead graphic designer. He is not only responsable for the graphical aspect of all our digital products, but also for the visual identity of ProBundle.

The Company Behind

ProBundle is owned and operated by Apex Media, which is a digital marketing company based in Switzerland.